CBF was established in 1986 and its headquarters are in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza).
In the more than 3,000 square meters of covered area, CBF produces hydraulic components for  the following three main application areas: mobile sector (transport, construction, etc..), industry (machine tools, presses, etc..) and agriculture.
Europe, South Africa, Australia, Far East, Southeast Asia, Israel, Canada and South America are the main countries where CBF products are exported to.

And which are these products?

Check valves, and in particular double and single effect, pilot operated check valves, shuttle valves and hose burst valves


Flow control valves, and in particular flow dividers, priority, pressure compensated flow regulators and needle valves


Motor valves, and in particular valves for DANFOSS motors and valves for SAMHYDRAULIC motors

Overcentre valves, and in particular single effect overcentre valves, double effect overcentre valves and overcentre valves, cartridge type

Pressure control valves, and in particular relief valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, high-low pressure, relief and unloading valves

Sandwich valves, and in particular packing plates, manifold plates, sandwich valves CETOP3 NG 6, sandwich valves CETOP 5 NG 10 and sandwich valves CETOP 7 NG 16

How to contact the company:

CBF S.r.l.
via Caboto, 3,  36075 - Montecchio Maggiore (VI) ITALY
tel. +39.0444.499.141 +39.0444.499.143
Fax +39.0444.499.145
Email info@cbfhydraulic.com website: www.cbfhydraulic.com