Celegon is an Italian company founded more than forty years ago in Mirano (Venice).

Their leading product is the award-winning Ergon door: a rototraslating door, with a door that opens from both sides.
This implies that its benefits are numerous.
The first advantage is a significant reduction in the space.
Secondly Ergon door is not an architectural barrier, as it meets the needs of disabled people in wheelchairs. In fact, the movements associated with wing-arched opening from both sides clear spaces, thus giving to a person in a wheelchair or with walking difficulties to enter and leave the room simply by pushing the door and then closing it with ease
Finally, this door is recommended for that environment where panic systems are require. It is therefore perfect as hospital doors, as well as for pubs, hotels, prisons, cinemas and schools.

With its wooden version it is ideal also as internal door for those houses where there is limited space or people with disabilities.

These are the contact detail of Celegon company, if you need to request further information about their products:

Celegon s.a.s.
via Galileo Galilei, 6 Z.I.,
30035, Mirano (Venezia) Italia,
tel.: +39-041-5728404
fax.: +39-041-5728522