Italian machinery rises to the occasion

Italy is now carving a fantastic reputation in the global machinery industry for it’s quality in engineering and sophistication. The country’s tool machinery sector is fast growing and it is second only to Germany in the European Union in terms of machinery produced. This statistic is a phenomenal stat given the country’s curren [...]

Expo Elettronica Venezia 2013

One of this year’s biggest electronic trade events called Expo Elettronica Vicenza is a two day expo that captures thousands of people giving them the opportunity to witness and experience both present and future methods and technologies in the communications industry. Everything from personal communication devices that can be found in near [...]

New PHA plastic developed in Italy

Numerous multinational corporations have spent years researching and developing prototype plastics at a huge cost that could one day replace conventional plastic made from petroleum. In Italy there have been some smaller companies that have made giant steps towards creating a plastic that is biodegradable. This new type of plastics are naturally [...]

MECSPE 2013 Expo in Parma

In 2013 one of the biggest expos in the calendar year in relation to the industrial sector is the MECSPE Expo in Parma from 21st to 23rd March. It is expected to be even bigger this year, which will be a great achievement considering the 27,000+ turnout in 2012. For the first time in 2013 the Expo’s layout will be designed with the aim of [...]