Expo Elettronica Venezia 2013

One of this year’s biggest electronic trade events called Expo Elettronica Vicenza is a two day expo that captures thousands of people giving them the opportunity to witness and experience both present and future methods and technologies in the communications industry. Everything from personal communication devices that can be found in nearly everybody’s homes to much larger scale projects developed by companies. The digital world is ever changing and therefore it is important for anyone in the sector to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in communication.

For only 2 short days on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2013 Expo Elettronica Vicenza will be jam packed with over 100 stalls each displaying and selling various electronic devices from home automation to gaming products. Mainly intended for anyone looking for cheaper alternative to buying from Italy’s major consumer electronic retailers Expo Elettronica also offers hobbyists to both display their works and pick up some missing pieces that otherwise might be hard to find. Everything under the one roof makes it an easy outing for electronic enthusiasts and communication experts. There is a huge range of both new and second hand items making Expo Elettronica and ideal place to visit if you are in search of something and don’t want to spend. Many people these days involved in the industry use the internet to buy and sell products and supplies therefore occasions like this should not be missed where you can view the product with your own eyes and make the most of using your hands to stock up on anything that might be of need. This should not be underestimated as in the past editions of this event products have sold very quickly as shoppers don’t waste a single minute.
Open from 900 to 1800 both days the event is a must see if you are in the area or simply wish to gather with other communication enthusiasts.

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