MECSPE 2013 Expo in Parma

In 2013 one of the biggest expos in the calendar year in relation to the industrial sector is the MECSPE Expo in Parma from 21st to 23rd March. It is expected to be even bigger this year, which will be a great achievement considering the 27,000+ turnout in 2012.

For the first time in 2013 the Expo’s layout will be designed with the aim of increasing the visibility of all those involved. Zones with similar industry related topics have been created allowing for visitors to make the most of their time. Examples of some of these areas are the ‘Laser Zone’, the ‘Logistics Zone’ and the ‘Electronics Zone’. This year there will be a lot of special initiatives giving the opportunity to visitors to see even more. One of the features of next year’s Expo will be the ‘Automation Zone’. This is aimed at those businesses and industries that loose competiveness because of a lack of efficiency in production. Within the zone there will be a workshop style area whereby visitors will be able to see demonstrations of automation systems at work by some of the Expo’s exhibitors. Another new zone that will feature in 2013 for the first time is ‘The Factory of the Future’. This is a European Commission initiative that started in 2009 and is set to finish in 2013. The aim is to modernise factories through the development and introduction of new technologies to improve product quality and their production processes in regards to the environment. Over the years the European Commission has set 1.2 million euros aside for the initiative and ‘The Factory of the Future’ zone at the MECSPE Expo will be showcasing the newest technologies for all visitors to witness.

The MECSPE Expo will again provide a stage for not only the best in Italian manufacturing companies and their technologies but also a wide range of innovations from all over the globe. Ever year the number of professionals in various industrial sectors that choose this Expo for sharing their ground-breaking ideas and to promote their products increases due to the immense amount of visitors that continue to flock to the MECSPE Expo. Over the past couple of years the amount of visitors has not only increased but their involvement and interests in everything got to do with the Expo has amplified bringing further success to the event’s organisers. Next year’s event cannot be missed so leave the days free in March on your calendar.

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