In 1957 the Cometti family founded in Milan the factory OTM (acronym for Officina Termoplastica Milanese): after three generations, the family still heads up the company.

Since its beginning until today, the company has been able to expand and succeed in both the Italian and international markets, thanks to the production of thermoplastic products, in a wide range of sizes and shapes, designed to close, protect, cover products that must be processed, storaged, handled, painted and transported .

The core business is therefore the production of thermoplastic materials for the various sectors of industry: plugs, caps for holes and flanges, threaded caps, pipe end protections, containers and caps.

Let's see in detail some products:

Flange protections
The flange is a mechanical piece intended for a non-permanent coupling of other pieces, such as pipes, screws or bolts. OTM produces caps for flanges, for the safety of pipes using flange fittings .


Threaded plugs
Plastic caps can be fitted with or without threading depending on usage and on the final application.


Special protections
Special protections in thermoplastic materials are addressed to a series of particular products like protection for stems, Grease nipple caps, Bolt and nut protection caps, cylindrical containers, Quick coupling caps and plugs.


How to contact the company:

Officina Termoplastica Milanese S.r.l.
Strada per Cascina Restelli, 10
20040 Aicurzio ( MI )

T. +39 039 60 93 718
F. +39 039 60 93 714

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