MACH TRADE SRL is an Italian company , located in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) selling online a wide selection of second hand Machine Tools of the best brands.
Through its website Mach Trade sells in Italy and worldwide used machines of the following international factories:

Trumpf - Kawasaki - Sertom - Imcar - MG - Bystronic - Finn Power - GHT - Mazak - Salvagnini - Amada - Adige - Prima Industrie - HPM - Soitab - Pressix - Beyeler - Imal - Schiavi - Belgius - Gasparini - Colgar - Farina - Rainer - Cimsa - Mario Riboldi - Novastilmec - Flow

The machine tools that can be found in the website are:

Used bending machines, that can be employed to bend sheets of different thickness to obtain cylinders and cones.
Second hand Combination laser punches, which provide punching and laser cutting processes in one machine
Laser cutting machines, that with lower costs of investments, assure high operating speed, planning and above all high precision cutting quality.
Used plasma cutting machines, in which an inert gas (plasma) blown to high speed from a nozzle, uses the principle of thermal barrier, which consists in giving heat to the metallic material until it overcomes the melting point and breaks the continuity of the plate.
Press brakes, that are able to shape sheet metal obtaining both simple and complex geometrical forms.
Second hand punching machines , used to cut or punch metal sheets
Water jet cutting machines, that divide metal material pressurizing the waterjet in a nozzle by means of high pressure pumps.